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With approximately 90 mandates, a dedicated team is assigned to you to carry out statutory audits.
Our work is supervised by the highest supervisory body, H3C.
Via our IECNET network, we are also members of the FORUM OF FIRMS, linked to the IFAC.
In the context of regulations, our primary approach is to let you know about any matters identified during our work and then to find solutions together.


How much is your company or one of its businesses worth?
This question will be asked on various occasions during your time as an entrepreneur.
We are able to answer this question by carrying out a review that incorporates various approaches and methods.


You need to audit what you are going to buy.
Our audits are targeted and effective and are carried out in conjunction with you, as your business expertise allows us to intervene only in certain key areas.

Chartered Accounting

For all the tasks described below, understanding is the key word!
We need to fully understand your business, its specific features and its constraints and the context in which you carry on your business activities.


This is where you engage us to record all your transactions in your accounts.
This will most often be carried out at your premises.
For tax reasons, this accounting must be carried out in accordance with French standards. We can, however, also produce your financial statements in other standards, such as IFRS. In addition, book-keeping may be carried out in parallel with analysis, as well as in multiple currencies.
Our role is therefore to record the data you provide to us, to detect any necessary supplementary data and, lastly, to value your assets and liabilities and to choose any account-closing options with you.


We work with you to review what has been done and to correct or supplement it working alongside your teams. In the same spirit, the accounts are approved together with you.


We are able to produce your consolidated accounts in various frameworks, in particular French and IFRS. This work requires prior organisation in order to obtain the necessary information on the companies within the scope of consolidation. Also, important decisions need to be taken together with you (preferential methods or depreciation period for goodwill, for example).


We are able to support you in areas such as complex VAT issues and international transactions, as well as anticipate (or work with you on) tax audits. More prosaically, you may report and authorise the payment of your taxes via our system. Our account approval options systematically include a tax review.


We can handle all administrative aspects of personnel management.
Our partner businesses can support you with disputes or issues involving employment laws, but we will remain involved.


This often covers the legal aspects of the project, until its completion. But you may also engage us to incorporate your company after we have chosen the best structure together.


In order to be able to advise you, it is essential that we listen to you. A dialogue may therefore be established in order to guide you in your strategic choices while covering all the areas referred to above. We will make suggestions but the decision must be yours.


You are looking for support with your international growth.

Why should an attractive product or service remain confined within France?
The globalisation of trade is a reality.
Thanks to our IECnet network, we can assist you outside France in over 65 countries.
You will be able to obtain advice from our foreign partners who are very much like us.
We will also be involved to coordinate all these foreign establishments, while putting in place an efficient transfer pricing policy.

You are a foreign company: we welcome you

Working in France (as in many other countries) requires guidance, particularly at the administrative and regulatory level.
In this country, where form is often more important than substance, it is important to be able to rely on a local team with whom you can communicate in English.
In us, you will find a team used to working with foreign clients from all walks of life and therefore able to adapt to different cultures or ways of thinking.
Our role is to act as a bridge between your company and your project and our country.
And to find together the most appropriate structure.

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