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About us

Our work

Since 1967, CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL has provided support to its clients on all the administrative aspects of running a company, in France and abroad.

Our role is to listen to you and to provide you with advice on your projects, your ideas, your growth and your difficulties.

This involves simple principles such as:

  • “Know-how and expertise”, i.e. communicating with you in the most comprehensible language possible because you are the decision-maker,
  • “One stop shop”: you will have a single contact person for accounting, payroll, legal and all other forms of advice,
  • “Auditing means listening”: our statutory auditing activity is in line with legal standards, and does not prevent us from engaging in a real dialogue with you.

CECAUDIT International joined the Groupe SFC  in January 2020 in order to provide its clients with the largest range of services : find out more

Our team


After a few years spent working for an auditing firm in Paris, Caroline joined CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL, first as project manager in 2000, then as partner from 2005. Caroline mainly supervises auditing and statutory auditing work, capital contributions and due diligence work. Her ability to listen to clients allows us to establish a dialogue that is always constructive.
She also uses those skills in raising her two daughters.


Vincent joined CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL after spending five years at an auditing firm in Paris. This move allowed him to focus more on accountancy work, with a strong interest in tax advice and international transactions. He is actively involved in associations such as IECNET (our international network). These international links allow him to indulge his passion for travel.


Patricia joined CECAUDIT INTERNATIONAL in January 2009. She holds a degree in accounting.
She is mainly involved in auditing assignments but also works closely with certain clients on accountancy assignments.
She is a keen volleyball player, playing the position of setter, which only strengthens her enjoyment of team work.


Enma joined the firm as an intern before becoming deputy chief executive officer.
Already an accountancy graduate in Peru (her country of origin), she now has an accountancy degree in France.
In addition to statutory auditing, Enma has developed specialist consolidation expertise.
Being a young mother is probably her most challenging role at present.

An international presence

Created in 1987 at the initiative of our company, and currently in the form of an Law of 1901 association, this network is fundamental to our international presence and the service we are able to provide to our clients.

With more than 80 members in over 65 countries on five continents, the strength of our network is the strong link that brings its members together, which allows us to collaborate with ease.

Cecaudit international is therefore able to access the expertise of IECnet members to meet its clients’ needs both locally and internationally.

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