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Crossing borders together

International growth
Cecaudit provides you with support

Cecaudit, your accounting firm, provides you with advice and close support.

A chartered accountant or statutory auditor's role primarily
requires him/her to understand his/her client.

Our one-stop shop concept for your administrative needs
saves you time and makes these procedures simpler.
Chartered Accounting
Chartered Accounting
Book-keeping, accounting reviews, consolidation, taxation, payroll and social security, legal.
Statutory auditing, company valuation, contractual auditing.
If you are looking to incorporate a company in France, if you are looking for support with your international growth, or if you are a foreign company, we welcome you. Thanks to our IECnet network, we can assist you outside France in over 65 countries.
Our experts are here to help you
We need to fully understand your business, its specific features and its professional and personal context to be able to carry out our advisory and auditing roles.

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